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KN Almond Cuticle Oil 15ml, packed in box

Cuticle Oil is an essential treatment which, similar to a facial cream, is recommended for daily use to keep your nails and cuticles healthy. Cuticle oil stimulates healthy nail growth, nourishes and softens cuticles, and protects skin from damaging environmental factors. With daily use, it improves nail condition and keeps cuticles supple and healthy. Cuticle oil heals dry, brittle, and damaged cuticles.

Product Use:

Apply a drop of the Cuticle Oil on the cuticle and the nail bed. Massage with gentle rounded motions. Apply daily.


Sweet Almond Oil
Easily penetrates into the skin and nail plate, leaving a non-greasy feel. Helps to balance loss and absorption of moisture in the nails and cuticle. Nourishes and softens the skin. Protects skin from environmental factors and heals damaged and irritated cuticles.

Vitamin E
Possesses strong antioxidant properties, protecting the skin from harsh damage by free radicals. Increases moisture content and promotes healing for brittle, dry, and damaged skin.

Myrrh Oil 
Delivers a healing and rejuvenating effect, especially for dry and damaged skin. Provides proper balance for skin hydration.

KN Almond Cuticle Oil 15ml, packed in box

SKU: Almond Cuticle Oil 15ml
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