A nail dust collector for a true professional? Of course, the built-in MAX Ultimate 4!

Super powerful. Stylish. Comfortable. An ideal choice for nail artists with a permanent workplace.

Main features of the model:

Super powerful fan. Up to 4.5 times more powerful than the one of a conventional nail dust collector. The performance of the MAX Ultimate fan is up to 339.81 m3/h. This is a lot, because usually this indicator for nail dust collectors is about 80 m3/hour. The nail dust collector draws in dust, particles of skin and sawdust perfectly. It will help make your office clean and safe. A great choice for nail artists who use gel and acryl in their work.

The suction power does not drop over time. The fan has received additional dust protection. At proper care, your nail dust collector will delight you with constantly high power throughout its life.

The fan blades are protected by the MAX Safe+ grid. The fall of a nail file or other foreign objects, when using a conventional nail dust collector, threatens you with damage of the engine – the most expensive part of the nail dust collector. With MAX Ultimate you will not be afraid of this problem. It is equipped with a double protective grid: its outer part is made of aviation aluminum, while the inner part is a reliable metal frame which does not allow pushing the structure inside.

Convenient system for switching on the device. Your nail dust collector is instantly ready to work. Turning it on and off is very simple – the button is always at hand. You do not have to reach under the table and waste time in vain any longer. Please note that the button has received protection from water and dust.

MAX Pro power control. Adjust the power and noise level of the device as you see fit.

No fasteners on the cover of the nail dust collector! The device is designed with nothing superfluous on its front part. Neither the nail artist’s glove nor the client’s hand will catch on the screws, because they are simply absent.

Two large 3d bags included. The nail dust collector is equipped with two volumetric multilayer filter bags, which take the form of the casing and retain dust perfectly. At proper care, they will become a reliable barrier to dust. Reusable filter bags. For making the work comfortable, order extra bags according to the number of working days in a week. The average service life of the filter bag at proper care is 1.5-2 months.

Easy replaceable filter bag. MAX filter bags are equipped with the proprietary MAX EASY ON installation system. Due to the fact that the length of the rubber band of the filter is adjustable, it is much more convenient to remove and put it on than for a conventional nail dust collector.

Installation of the bag through the anti-dust ring. Thanks to this system, dust has no chance of blowing around the bag edges.

2 year warranty. We use high-quality components only, thus we are confident in our products. Each nail dust collector is manually assembled. The products undergo triple quality control: component inspection, product verification after assembly, and checking at the packaging stage. As part of the guarantee, the nail dust collector is delivered from your city to the service center and back at our expense!

The product is certified. The nail dust collector has 2 certificates confirming the quality: of the Customs and European Union. With MAX you will not be afraid of any checks. The certificate and the warranty certificate are applied to each nail dust collector.


  • Fan speed0 - 2700 rpm
  • Estimated performance339,81 m3/hour
  • Estimated fan life50 000 hours
  • LxWxH26х30х15 cm
  • Weight2,38 kg