Pro Healing Cream 500ml SPA Pedicure

Complex of 5 active ingredients to heal cracked skin and heels. Caviar lime and Argan oil regenerate cells, Urea and Shea Butter hydrate, and Lactic acid softens the skin. Non-greasy texture leaves skin silky. Suitable for diabetics.


- 10% Urea and Caviar lime extract heals cracked skin and heels;
- Caviar lime contains a high concentration of citric acid that improves cell turnover and heals cracked skin and heels;
- 10% Urea keeps moisture in the upper skin layers, making it hydrated and soft to the touch;
- Shea butter is an efficient moisturizer that creates a soft barrier and seals the moisture in the skin;
- Rich yet non-greasy texture that leaves no stickiness and makes the skin feel silky;
- Rich in moisturizing and regenerating ingredients, it prevents heel cracks and soothes dry skin when used on a daily basis.


Apply cream to the problematic areas and gently massage for 1-2 minutes until the product has absorbed completely.

Pro Healing Cream 500ml SPA Pedicure